What is the Defense Industrial Base?

The Defense Industrial Base provides products and services that allow for the sustainment and deployment of military operations. The Defense Industrial Base consists of research, manufacturing, advancements and improvements in various subsystems and components within an industrial complex to meet the needs of the U.S. military and improve its efficiency. There are more than 100,0000 companies in the defense industry, and these companies perform under the contract of the Department of Defense and provide materials and services to the government.


The Benefits of Defense Industry Training

To curtail challenges that may arise from changes in the global, economic and defense landscape, you should learn strategies to increase agility and maintain relevance. Learning how to align not only processes, but also people and technology, will facilitate both cultural and organizational changes. Additionally, it is important to learn how technology can leverage organizational reach, effectiveness, capabilities and speed in order to deliver the most efficient outcomes. By delivering the most-compelling strategies and technologies, you will be able to provide the most innovative products and practices for the U.S. military.


How Best Business Practices Assist the Department of Defense 

Implementing the best strategic direction that leverages people, processes and technology will ensure productive and dynamic outcomes across logistics and supply chain capabilities for the U.S. military. In order to adopt the best business practices, it is beneficial to adopt a big-picture perspective. Therefore, addressing shared challenges allows you to explore new frameworks to examine complex logistical and supply chain challenges. Learning the best strategies for the implementation and adoption of new technologies allows for differentiated capabilities and innovation. The Defense Industrial Base requires that technology and capabilities from diverse sources and models are utilized because the modern defense industry needs to provide faster and more efficient products and services to meet the U.S. military’s requirements.


Using Continuous Learning in the Defense Industry 

Organizational effectiveness in the defense industry comes from the adoption of continuous learning. There are many benefits of continuous learning that allow you to critically approach challenges that arise in the military industry. Learning new tools and techniques allows for innovative thinking that reduces inefficiencies and increases agility in the defense industry. Broadening your educational knowledge will ensure that you are capitalizing on the opportunities to learn in the defense industry and then implementing modernized military strategies. Being able to tackle real-world challenges through the knowledge that arises from educational programs that promote continuous learning will ensure that you, as a professional, are thinking critically and implementing the most effective strategies to meet the requirements of the U.S. military.


Applying Continuous Process Improvement Training 

In an effort to drive the design, production and supply of the military weapon systems and subsystems for the U.S. military, it is important to recognize the benefits of continuous process improvements. Continuous process improvement is understood as the act of making an improvement to an item, service or process with adaptation being the key principle. Therefore, organizational learning, change and improvements can be made through Continuous Process Improvement methods along with performance management and transformation leadership. The implementation of Continuous Process Improvements within the Defense Industrial Base is critical because the sector provides products and services that sustain military operations. Striving to align available resources for the military’s needs will ensure their access to the best and most innovative services and products.


Understanding the Defense Industry Career Path Training Programs

The Institute for Defense and Business builds custom professional education and research programs to develop leaders who empower change within their organization in order to achieve long-term, sustainable success. The IDB’s LOGTECH Advanced program, you will explore strategies to increase agility despite changes in the global and economic landscape by learning how to coordinate people, processes and technology to facilitate organizational and cultural change. The key topics within the program include debiasing, decision-making, support system design tying logistics to operations, technology and organizational innovations, and life cycle approaches to systems design and improvement. Additionally, the LOGTECH Executive program encourages the engagement of strategic thinking among a set of peers that will allow you to gather a diverse perspective and build a network of peers, faculty and industry experts. Through this curriculum, you will transform your organization’s approach to technology and innovation by learning new tools and techniques to deliver effective and efficient logistics and supply chain capabilities.


About the Institute for Defense and Business

The Institute for Defense and Business (IDB) delivers educational programs and research to teach, challenge and inspire leaders who work with and within the defense enterprise to achieve next-level results for their organization. IDB features curriculum in Logistics, Supply Chain and Life Cycle Management, Complex Industrial Leadership, Strategic Studies, Global Business and Defense Studies, Continuous Process Improvement, and Stabilization and Economic Reconstruction. Visit www.IDB.org or contact us on our website for more information.



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