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Programs offered by the IDB target leaders at all levels and multiple functional areas. They are designed to provide knowledge, skills, and tools to better equip leaders to create an environment for impactful change. Some of the areas of study include strategy, innovation, risk management, contested logistics, data fluency, AI and critical thinking. Our programs educate, energize and provide leaders with the intellectual capital that is critical to successful transformation.



Our Mission

Provide education and development experiences through custom designed programs that build and transform leaders of Defense and Business.

Who We Are

As a nonprofit education institution, we believe that effective professional education does more than teach new things. It inspires the type of leadership that organizations need to achieve long-term, sustainable success. Along with educating our people, we teach them to look at things differently.

LtGen William M. Faulkner, USMC (Ret), President
LtGen Mark Faulkner
USMC (Ret)

What We Do

Across a wide variety of organizations, career levels, and functional areas, we design and deliver learning solutions that spread knowledge and foster collaboration among public and private sector organizations and academia to address shared objectives and challenges.

William P. Buzzi, J.D. Program Director
William P. Buzzi, J.D.
Senior Advisor
Program Director

Who We Serve

We deliver professional education programs to leaders at all levels and across many different types of organizations to include Private Industry, Government Agencies, Military, Non-Governmental Organizations, and International Organizations.

LtCol Arthur T. Sturgeon, Jr., USMC (Ret) Program Director
LtCol Ted Sturgeon, Jr.
USMC (Ret)
VP, Program & Curriculum

Key Facts

For more than twenty-five years, the IDB has provided educational opportunities and experiences.



A Vision for Change

Public and private organizations work together in numerous ways to address global security, the economy, human welfare, and so much more.

In tackling these monumental and hugely important objectives, it’s rare that counterparts among different government agencies, the military, and private industry come together in an academic environment.

Yet this collaboration is essential to share experiences and best practices, and generate innovative ideas to achieve sustainable solutions within fiscal constraints.

It was this series of observations that set our founder, Bill Powell, in motion to create the Institute for Defense and Business. Here’s the full story

IDB Story


The Institute for Defense and Business (IDB) is a non-profit educational organization that was established in 1997 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with the goal of providing education and training to Government, Military and Private Industry leaders by using world class faculty and professionals in an environment designed for maximum learning.

For more than 25 years, the IDB has expanded its educational scope to include a wide range of topics related to national security and defense, including leadership, strategic planning, contested logistics, innovation, risk management, data fluency, artificial intelligence, problem solving, critical thinking, and so much more. The institute has also developed partnerships with a number of organizations from the government, military, private industry and academia sectors.


Today, the IDB offers a variety of education programs for both military and civilian leaders, including executive education courses, online training programs, and custom-designed courses for specific organizations. The institute also hosts various panels and publishes a range of reports and articles on relevant topics which are pertinent to today’s objectives and mission of the Department of Defense.

Over the past 25 years, the IDB has established itself as a leading educational institution in the field of national security and defense. Through its innovative programs and partnerships, the institute has helped to prepare over 10,000 business and government leaders to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global security environment and landscape in defense.