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NDTA/IDB: Post-COVID-19: How to be Lean without Becoming Brittle!

06.25.20 The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted supply chain fragility as organizations have become too lean. How do we change to become more effective, while also being efficient? The “Post-COVID-19: How to be Lean Without Becoming Brittle!” panel is co-hosted by IDB and the National Defense Transportation Association Headquarters (NDTA), moderated by IDB President MG James Hodge, USA (Ret), and NDTA President VADM William A. “Andy” Brown, USN (Ret).

Panelists include Lt Gen Giovanni Tuck, Director of Logistics, Joint Staff, and Sridhar Chandrasekaran, Partner at Goldratt Consulting.

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IDB: Leadership Through Crisis

06.11.20 How do we as leaders manage unexpected and infrequent situations like
those we are currently experiencing with the pandemic? Listen to this riveting interview, hosted by IDB program director, Zebrina Warner, with retired, RADM Mike Lyden, who is currently an IDB Executive Fellow, and an expert on leadership and crisis management environments

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A transcript of this podcast can be found here: Leadership Through Crisis – Transcript.

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