The Army invests in Logisticians…

We are thrilled to announce the publication of an article titled Army Invests in Logisticians with Industry-Based Broadening Opportunity in the Fall 2023 issue of the Army Sustainment Professional Bulletin. The theme of the Fall 2023 issue is Data-Driven Sustainment. IDB’s Industry Based Broadening – Logistics (IB2 LOG) Program provides participants with analytical frameworks and tools to solve problematic issues within their organization which may include increasing readiness, reducing costs, or improving performance.

What sets us apart? Our participants receive excellent in-class instruction and also conduct industry visits for a truly experiential learning experience.

Seats are available for the 2024 IB2 LOG programs which are scheduled for April 21 – May 3 and August 4-16 in the Research Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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