AIR-P: Aviation Industrial Readiness Program



18 weeks


Residency 1: Research Triangle Region, NC
Residency 2: Within the Continental US, and surrounding businesses
Residency 3: Individual sponsor locations  based participant learning objectives
Residency 4: Research Triangle Region, NC


Program Brochure

Building a Business Mindset

The Institute for Defense and Business (IDB) has designed and customized the Aviation Industrial Readiness Program for the leadership of the defense industrial enterprise. AIR-P is an executive development program serving commanders and leaders of our nation’s depot, arsenal, and ammunition facilities. AIR-P integrates business acumen, business best practices, leader development, and management processes & concepts. The program enables leaders within the Industrial Enterprise to adapt and replicate the latest technology, systems, and management practices to effectively lead large industrial organizations.

In 2018, AIR-P was developed at the request of the Naval Air Systems Command and Commander of the Fleet Readiness Centers. The program is attended by leaders from all branches of the military/DoD civilians industrial complex and private-sector manufacturers. AIR-P is developed and administered by the IDB in partnership with faculty from North Carolina State University (NCSU), other leading universities, and practicing experts in complex industrial operations. 


Presented a crystal clear correlation of past initiatives to current utilities used by the warfighter. This definitely nurtured seeds of hope for us to keep pursuing objectives.”

~ AIR-P Alumnus

Private sector: Defense Industrial Base Leaders 

Public sector: Depot, arsenal, and ammunition activity Senior Military leaders and Civilian Managers

AIR-P uses multiple instruction methods: traditional in-residence classroom, synchronous and asynchronous virtual formats & assessments, business study tours, and corporate residencies. Portions of curriculum include scalable attendance options enabling distance and virtual participation (please inquire with the program team for details). The sessions for AIR-P include:

  1. Virtual Orientation: One-hour virtual session providing registration, course curriculum, travel details, and an orientation of the Defense Organic Industrial Base.
  1. Residency 1 (R1): Five-day in person residency in the Research Triangle Region in NC, focused on business strategy, operations, and logistics and supply chain management.
  1. L6S Distance Instruction: Four 1.5-hour asynchronous sessions and assessments providing industry leading continuous improvement methodologies.
  1. Residency 2 (R2): Five-day in person benchmarking visits to private & public sector industrial facilities and a rapid improvement event at a host depot. Emphasis is on technology, manufacturing, MRO, logistics and supply chain, and leading industry practices.
  1. Residency 3 (R3): Two to four weeks of individually tailored residencies at leading private or public sector organizations to meet your custom desired learning objectives.
  1. Residency 4 (R4): Five-day in person residency in the Research Triangle Region, focused on bringing it all together, through synchronized leadership of people, process, technology, and systems.

Virtual and Distance Learning: Participants are enrolled in a Lean, Six Sigma for Executive Champion Certification program provided by NCSU, which begins during the first residency and continues virtually through the first portion of the course. Participants complete virtual learning sessions as an integral part of the curriculum, as well as in-residence sessions, tours, and tailored corporate immersion in short residencies with industry leading program sponsors. The Executive Champion Certification program culminates with a certificate from North Carolina State University.

Tailored Corporate Residencies: Participants are placed with leading private sector firms and paired with executive mentors. This experience provides direct interaction with corporate executives and processes in a variety of businesses. The result is an individually-tailored learning experience and comprehensive view of specific, custom operations to meet individual learning. Private sector participants will be placed within the organic defense industrial complex or with private sector non-competitors to meet their educational objectives. 

AIR-P is administered in partnership with
NS STATE Industry Expansion Solutions.


on GSA Professional Services Schedule Contract #GS-02F-0200X. Includes tuition, meals, lodging, instructional facilities, and all local program activity transportation. Custom pricing available

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