Industry Based Broadening: Logistics


2 weeks (consecutive)


Research Triangle Area


Program Brochure

The Future Is Now

IB2-LOG SBS participants attend a two-week residency in North Carolina, where they engage in intensive learning and collaboration. The program also focuses on enhancing leadership skills, understanding complex security environments, and fostering critical and creative thinking.

The IB2-LOG SBS provides unparalleled contact to real-world practitioners across academia, public, and private sector subject matter experts. It is a one-of-a-kind state-of-the-art experience, where participants are expertly exposed to innovation, culture change, data utilization, and the role of artificial intelligence in addressing complex supply chain and logistics challenges. The exposure to private industry inspires fresh ideas and encourages critical thinking, preparing participants to tackle future warfare demands effectively.

You will return to your organization with a broad set of direct applications to modernize your logistics processes and understand how to use modern systems to make more informed decisions and better serve your organization and customers.

  • Understand the Problem Statement development and refinement process
  • Learn best practices to optimize business processes
  • Understand the power of analytics and crafting an influential story with data
  • Arm you with ability to ask the right questions, approaches to breakthrough innovation
  • Apply design thinking and simple rules
  • Communicate to an executive level audience
  • Improved Self-awareness to lead yourself and others

The IB2 seminar in Logistics is a two-week educational and experiential learning opportunity to provide mid-career officers in logistics exposure to industry best practices.

Learning takes place in the classroom and through site visits with a diverse selection of local companies and institutions.

  • A virtual kickoff provides competitively selected participants with a framework to discuss G-Army objectives, requirements, and customer-focused opportunities for their organizations.
  • The program team engages participants in the development of problem and opportunity statements based on individual workplace experiences.
  • Participants are provided with an understanding of key private sector focus areas and drivers of success.
  • Groups are partnered with leaders and specialists in industry to benchmark ERP applications against DoD logistical uses.
  • All team observations, discoveries, analyses, and recommendations are presented to, and discussed with, a panel of military, government, academic, and industry professionals.
  • Individual academic knowledge and benchmarking observations are used for effectively addressing problems and opportunities relevant to organizational applications.

This seminar is specialized for those at the O-3/4 levels, including Chief Warrant Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (Master’s Degree Preferred). Civilians of an equivalent career level are encouraged to participate.

  • Wake Forest University School of Business
  • University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • IB2 LOG Alumni
  • Industry Executives

$16,575/person Includes tuition, meals, lodging, instructional facilities, and all local program activity transportation.

Professionals and organizations interested in this program should contact Mike Bogdahn, VP Strategy at bogdahn@idb.org or (760) 577-8324 for enrollment information.


This 10-day program begins Monday afternoon with a welcome orientation, followed by a reception in the evening. The subsequent weekdays will have faculty sessions and industry visits from approximately 8:00 AM ET to 5:00 PM ET, with few exceptions. The last Thursday night of the program will be dedicated to group presentations and a graduation ceremony. The program will conclude on Friday morning after breakfast.

Participants can expect to spend two hours a week in class and 1 – 2 hours a week in preparation for pre-reads and discussion questions. The last two weeks, there will be an additional 2 hours to prepare for the Capstone Project briefing.


To maximize the benefits of the collaborative environment of the program, we strongly discourage participants from bringing spouses or other guests.