LOGTECH Advanced

Advanced Program in Logistics & Technology


5-day program


Research Triangle Region, NC


Program Brochure

The Future is now

The Institute for Defense and Business (IDB) offers our Advanced Program in Logistics and Technology (LOGTECH Advanced), a one-week educational and experiential learning opportunity for participants to broaden their perspectives by exposure to what academia and private industry is doing in critical areas including decision making, innovation, data, and global logistics. LOGTECH Advanced participants attend a one-week residency in North Carolina, where they engage in intensive learning and collaboration. The program also focuses on enhancing leadership skills, understanding complex security environments, and fostering critical and creative thinking. This seminar is specialized at the O-4 to O-6 level including Warrant Officers (WO4 to WO5), Senior Non-Commissioned Officers in the grade of E-9, civil service professionals (GS-13 to GS-15), and commercial industry professionals at the Senior Manager and Director level are encouraged to participate. (Master’s degree recommended).


“Top learning experience of my career. Being coupled in a joint environment was perfect.” 

~ LOGTECH Advanced Alumnus

Keeping the Curriculum Relevant

To ensure our LOGTECH programs continue to address timely, relevant logistics and technology topics, the IDB meets with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment, the military services, private industry, and academia for feedback on program curriculum. They meet as needed to share views on the current and future state of logistics, supporting technologies, and key strategic challenges. 

  • Learn new ways of reframing problem sets and making risk assessments an integral component to decision making
  • Develop capacity for analyzing operations and logistics problems from an “enterprise” perspective to apply systematic frameworks and solutions for global, complex supply networks
  • Create, encourage, and promote organizational innovation to improve logistics and supply chain management strategy and execution
  • Gain familiarity with tools and techniques that make the difference between having the data and having the capabilities to act upon the data in a timely way to make more sophisticated and effective decisions
  • Increase understanding of how to prepare for and operate in a contested environment across industry and government
  • Engage in critical, strategic thinking with a set of peers from different organizations to gather diverse perspectives

LOGTECH Advanced provides unparalleled contact to real-world practitioners across academia, public, and private sector subject matter experts. It is a one of a kind state-of-the-art experience, where participants are expertly exposed to systems thinking, innovation, culture change, and the utilization of analytics and data in addressing complex supply chain and logistics challenges. The exposure to private industry inspires fresh ideas and encourages critical thinking, preparing participants to tackle future warfare demands effectively. Sample session topics include:

  • Next Generation Systems Thinking
  • Global Finance and International Security
  • Leading Innovation
  • Negotiations and Strategic Decision Making
  • Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Leadership and Risk Management

Private sector: Senior Manager and Director level (Master’s Degree Preferred)

Public sector: GS-13 to GS-15, Commissioned Officers O-4 to O-6, Chief Warrant Officers in grades WO4 to WO5, and Senior Enlisted grade of E-9. 

Participants who are outside the listed criteria may be eligible to attend the program. 

*For more information, or to register, contact solutions@idb.org or (919)969-8008.

*Program sessions, faculty, dates, and pricing, although current at the time of publication, are subject to change. 

  • East Carolina University
  • Wake Forest University School of Business
  • University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler School of Business
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
  • Industry Executives

Tuition – $9,000.00

GSA Rate of $8,975.00 (#GS-02F-0200X)

Includes tuition, meals, lodging, instructional facilities, and all local program activity transportation.

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For military and government civilians interested in this program, please reach out to the appropriate point of contact listed below for enrollment information:

OASDAmber Jonesamber.e.jones24.civ@mail.mil
OASDKesha Johnsonkesha.d.johnson.civ@mail.mil
OASDJeff Garlandjeff.garland.civ@mail.mil
ArmyDesmond Keyesdesmond.t.keyes.civ@army.mil
NavyCDR Noel Koenignoel.k.koenig.mil@us.navy.mil
NavyDartanyon Kingdartanyon.r.king.mil@navy.mil 
NavyOlivia Burnsolivia.t.burns2.ctr@us.navy.mil
USMC (Advanced)Vern Huttonloren.hutton@usmc.mil
USMC (Executive)Taylor Wilsontaylor.hardt@usmc.mil
USAFLt Col Brian Campbellbrian.campbell.6@us.af.mil
USAF Lt Col Dan Connorsdaniel.connors.1@us.af.mil
USAFLt Col Red Personredahlia.person@us.af.mil
USAFMs. Andrea Brazellandrea.brazell@us.af.mil
USAFMs. Sophia Lustersophia.luster@us.af.mil
USTRANSCOMMr. Christopher C. Gouveiachristopher.c.gouveia.civ@mail.mil 
DLAMs. Patricia (Pat) Proctorpatricia.proctor@dla.mil
J-4LTC Sophia Estradasophia.l.estrada.mil@mail.mil
J-4SFC Georgiana Hallgeorgiana.hall.mil@mail.mil
SOCOMLt Col Chris Martagonchristopher.l.martagon.mil@socom.mil
SOCOMChristine Rhynechristine.m.rhyne.civ@socom.mil