LCELP – Life Cycle Executive Leadership Program


5-day program


Research Triangle Region, NC


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The Future is Now

The IDB’s LCELP Program is a dynamic one-week program designed to provide participants with new tools and insights for Life Cycle Management Cradle to Grave. LCELP equips life cycle leaders with strategies to reduce costs and increase effectiveness across product and systems design, improvement, and sustainment. Participants collaborate with peers from diverse organizations across the public and private sector to exchange best practices. Expert faculty and industry practitioners lead participants to develop a deeper understanding of life cycle theories, practices, and techniques to cultivate an integrated, effective, and efficient life cycle of products and services.


Graduate Outcomes

  • Strategic Planning and Critical Thinking
  • Global Life Cycle Sustainment Awareness
  • Next Generation Systems Thinking
  • Leading Edge Industry Best Practices
  • Data Fluency, AI, and How to use it
  • Leading Innovation
  • Expansion of Professional Network
  • Professional Education Certificate
  • Strategic Planning and Critical Thinking
  • Executive-level discussions on strategic planning and critical thinking with a set of peers from different organizations to gather diverse perspectives. Develop capacity for analyzing operations and logistics problems from an “enterprise” perspective to apply systematic frameworks and solutions for global, complex supply networks 
  • Next Generation Systems Thinking
  • Includes new ways of reframing problem sets and making risk assessments an integral component to decision making. Exploring the impact of common psychological biases on decision making and the creation of “simple rules” and the application of those rules to engage in design thinking and deal effectively with complexity
  • Leading Edge Industry Best Practices
  • Processes and technologies that enhance logistics speed, flexibility, and competitive advantage. Integration of commercial best practice, performance and supply chain management, process efficiency and continuous improvement methods to impact industrial and logistics networks for “whole of nation” capabilities 
  • Leading Innovation
  • Tools provided to create, encourage, and promote organizational innovation to improve logistics and supply chain management strategy and execution  
  • Global Life Cycle Sustainment Awareness
  • Logistics awareness must be global and end-to-end to enable holistic understanding and enterprise optimization to fully leverage strategic and operational level logistics capabilities  
  • Data Fluency, AI, and How to Use It
  • Logisticians are inundated with myriad data sources but do not have the familiarity with tools and techniques that make the difference between having the data and having the capabilities to act upon the data in a timely way to make more sophisticated and effective decisions. Improve decision-making to hours, not months
  • Expansion of Professional Network
  • Opportunity to network and make connections with esteemed faculty, experience mentors, and program peers to foster collaboration, exchange of insights, and growth opportunities 
  • Professional Education Certificate
  • 40 Continuous Learning Points from the Defense Acquisition University and approximately 4.0 Continuing Education Units from UNC General Administration

The Life Cycle Executive Leadership Program was designed to increase participants’ knowledge, skills, and abilities while linking them to a broader network of industry peers.  It reinforces practical “working” strategies, expanding and facilitating knowledge transfer and cooperation within and among participating organizations and provides world-class academic instruction, peer interaction, and in-depth exchanges with military and private sector counterparts.

Prior to the program, each participant submits a problem statement outlining a life cycle management challenge that they face in their job. These statements are distilled into five to seven common topics, which are assigned to working groups comprised of participants with similar challenges. The groups meet during the week to explore solutions, exchange ideas, and apply lessons learned from the day’s sessions. On the final day participants brief a professor and a senior military and/or private sector leader on their proposed solutions.

  • Early to Mid-Career: Logisticians, Sustainers, and others impacting the end-to-end life cycle of products and services
  • Levels of 0-4 to 0-6, W-2 to W-5, E-7 to E-9, GS-13 to GS-15
  • Private Sector industry equivalent

Expansive and unrestricted access to institutions and experts

UNC Chapel Hill
UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
North Carolina State University
Industry Executives

$6,950/person through IDB’s GSA Schedule contract #GS-02F-0200X, listed at

Includes tuition, lodging, meals, instructional facilities, and all local program activity

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