LCELP – Life Cycle Executive Leadership Program


5-day program


Research Triangle Region, NC


Program Brochure

The Future is Now

The IDB’s LCELP Program is a dynamic one-week program designed to provide participants with new tools and insights for Optimizing Life Cycle Management Cradle to Grave. LCELP equips experienced life cycle leaders with strategies to reduce costs and increase effectiveness across product and systems design, improvement, and sustainment. Collaborate with peers from diverse organizations across the public and private sector to exchange best practices and lessons learned from their experience in life cycle management. Led by expert faculty and industry practitioners, participants develop a deeper understanding of life cycle theories, practices, and techniques to cultivate an integrated, effective, and efficient life cycle of products and services. 


Key Topics

  • A Life Cycle Approach to Systems Design and Improvement
  • Digitally-Enabled Design and Manufacturing
  • Strategic Thinking and Innovation
  • Seven Emerging Technologies
  • Managing Life Cycle Uncertainty
  • Learn best practices to approach life cycle systems design, improvement, and sustainment
  • Study methods to reduce supply chain costs
  • Discover skills to manage people and processes more effectively
  • Explore leading-edge life cycle technologies

The Life Cycle Executive Leadership Program was designed to increase participants’ knowledge, skills, and abilities while linking them to a broader network of industry peers.  It reinforces practical “working” strategies, expanding and facilitating knowledge transfer and cooperation within and among participating organizations and provides world-class academic instruction, peer interaction, and in-depth exchanges with military and private sector counterparts.

Prior to the program, each participant submits a problem statement outlining a life cycle management challenge that they face in their job. These statements are distilled into five to seven common topics, which are assigned to working groups comprised of participants with similar challenges. The groups meet during the week to explore solutions, exchange ideas, and apply lessons learned from the day’s sessions. On the final day participants brief a professor and a senior military and/or private sector leader on their proposed solutions.

Learning Objectives

  • Life Cycle Approaches to Systems Design and Improvement
  • Concurrent Engineering and Design for Sustainment
  • Capability-driven Strategy
  • Investment in Life Cycle Approaches
  • Disruptive Technology & Organizational Innovations
  • Wireless Communications for Strategic Innovation
  • Leadership for Change
  • Reducing Life Cycle Costs in the Supply Chain
  • Successes in Life Cycle Cost Reduction/Investment

Applied Learning

  • Participate in a design simulation focused on brining to life best practices
  • Study and discuss timely case studies related to life cycle challenges
  • Early to Mid-Career: Logistic Specialists, Sustainers, and others impacting the end-to-end life cycle of products and services
  • Levels of 0-4 to 0-6, W-2 to W-5, E7 to E-9, GS-13 to GS-15
  • Private Industry Professionals and Sustainers

LCELP is offered in partnership with the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU) and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NC A&T). With its business education expertise, IDB has worked with experts from these universities to develop a specialized curriculum on effective and affordable life cycle system design focus on total cost reduction.

$6,950.00 / $6300.00 (GSA pricing*) – Includes tuition and materials

Professionals and organizations interested in this program should contact IDB Senior Account Manager, Mike Bogdahn at or (760) 577-8324 for enrollment information.

The IDB understands the complexities of your personal and professional environments and uses the latest online capabilities and techniques to deliver world-class content. Engaging on an interactive digital platform, you will interact in your class both on your own time as well as with your classmates through a suite of video conferencing and online tools.

eIDB LCELP utilizes collaborative digital tools, comprehensive content segments, and different learning formats to effectively capitalize on the new online environment and learning styles. Self-paced content and discussions provide background knowledge to prepare you for the analysis, integration, and application to enhance in-person faculty sessions. In the “live” sessions, you’ll engage directly with our talented faculty and guest speakers who guide you through current teachings, research, case studies, and simulations. LCELP is taught workshop-style using a combination of lectures, guest speakers, panels, and in-class exercises and simulations.