Executive Fellows

Rear Admiral Pete Stamatopoulos

USN (Ret)

RADM Pete Stamatopoulos USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral (Ret) Stamatopoulos, with 35 years in the Navy Supply Corps, culminated his distinguished career as the 49th Chief of Supply Corps and Commander of Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), a premier global logistics and supply chain organization. He steered a workforce of 25,000, managing operations in the U.S., Indo-Pacific, Europe, and Middle East, with 2023 sales nearing $12 billion.

Throughout his tenure, Stamatopoulos championed extensive roles from tactical to global levels, including deployments on various naval vessels and leadership across tactical, regional, and global supply chain entities. His strategic direction of NAVSUP involved leading eleven subordinate commands, enriching the Navy’s business and LOG-IT solutions, field contracting, foreign military sales, and NEX retail and lodging.

His profound impact was marked by leading the Naval Sustainment System (NSS) Supply, designing a $41B initiative that drove supply chain efficiencies, resulting in $2.2B in benefits and $816M in annual savings. These efficiencies yielded over $7B in improved mission readiness. He also fostered collaborations across military and civilian sectors, ensuring optimal performance.

Preceding his command at NAVSUP, Stamatopoulos significantly influenced logistics as the Director of Logistics (J4) for the U.S. European Command (EUCOM), overseeing logistics for the U.S. military and NATO including leadership of the Central European Pipeline System.