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The IDB’s Decision Science for Leaders (DS4L) provides a hands-on approach to solving specific business problems with analytical insights to influence critical decision making. DS4L equips participants with both the hard and soft skills necessary to make decisions with data. Expert faculty and industry practitioners lead participants to analyze and interpret 21st century technology, help filter through the “white noise” of data overabundance and prescribe optimal action with speed. DS4L will allow participants to leverage the power of analytic tools to communicate with confidence.


Graduate Outcomes

  • Understand the impact of Biases on Decision-making
  • Analysis of Metrics and Key Performance Indicator Determination
  • Apply Commercial Industry Best Practices
  • Communicate with Confidence
  • Ask the Right Questions to Drive Insights
  • Manage Risk
  • Frame the Business Problem
  • Leverage the Power of Analytic tools
  • Frame the Business Problem
  • Decision science starts with defining the problem and framing the business problem. Participants will learn how heuristic modeling can simplify or speed up decision-making processes and aid in problem solving.
  • Analysis of Metrics and Key Performance Indicator Determination
  • Using decision science to focus organizations on metric and KPI development to align and improve organizational performance.
  • Have a Greater Awareness of Biases and Impact on Making Decisions
  • Biases are predictable patterns of thought and behavior that lead you to draw incorrect conclusions. Learn how to be more aware of biases and make efforts to minimize their influence through participation in experiential learning exercises.
  • Apply Commercial Industry Best Practices
  • What does a data-driven decision look like from a commercial industry perspective? Gain an awareness of the critical thinking skills related to data-driven decisions (analytical thinking, open mindedness, skillful questioning, and problem solving). Learn about the persuasive communication skills used in commercial industry to make data-driven decisions.
  • Ask the Right Questions to Drive Deeper Insights
  • Decision science is about asking the right questions and bringing structure to a problem through the applications of various frameworks such as root cause analysis (RCA).
  • Communicate with Confidence
  • Learn about the best practices for data visualization including attributes and common mistakes and crafting a powerful story that resonates and influences decision makers.
  • Leverage the Power of Analytics Tools
  • How does Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning work to filter vast quantities of data? Discuss how to unlock the potential uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage risk and responsibly and ethically increase the speed of decision making.
  • Manage Risk
  • Understanding the security challenges associated with data and commercial partners, how IP addresses and VPNs work, and how to mitigate threats with the zero-trust architecture to protect the data in the networks. 
  • Professional Education Certificate
  • 40 Continuous Learning Points from the Defense Acquisition University and approximately 4.0 Continuing Education Units from UNC General Administration

The program provides multiple delivery methods for adult learning:

  • Traditional Classroom In-residence
  • In-class Exercises and Simulations
  • Expert Led Group Discussions
  • Small Group Case Studies
  • Guest Speakers
  • Public Sector: Company Grade Officers (O-2 to O-3), Warrant Officers (CWO2 to CWO3), Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (E-7 to E-8), and Civil Service Employees (GS-12 to GS-13)
  • Private Sector: Manager and Senior Manager Equivalents
  • Targeted Audience is only a recommendation from our experience and all potential exceptions to attend can be submitted for review by our Team

Expansive and unrestricted access to institutions and experts

Wake Forest University School of Business
Industry Executives


Includes tuition, lodging, meals, instructional facilities, and all local program activity

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Program sessions, faculty, dates, and pricing, although current at the time of publication, are subject to change