Industry Based Broadening: Logistics

In this program, you will be presented with the fundamentals of ERP applications, the cultures of the industries that utilize them, and opportunities to benchmark examples of private industry best practices in ERP use.

Leveraging a variety of non-military perspectives from leaders in private industry and academia, you will return to your organization with a broad set of best practices for direct application.

Downloadable Program Summary


  • Apply industry best business practices to achieve optimization of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems.
  • Assimilate best of breed organization’s methodologies from classroom instruction and corporate visits to analyze, interpret, and define complex data to support enhanced reporting and decision making.
  • Develop broader perspectives on the practical applications of ERP systems beyond US military and DoD ideologies
  • Promote professional development through leadership and teambuilding technique enhancement for the refinement of logistics operational frameworks.
  • Provide theory, industry exposure, and examples of application for military and government logisticians to support ERP systems at a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness.


The IB2 seminar in Logistics is a four-week educational and experiential learning opportunity to provide mid-career officers in logistics exposure to industry best practices.

Learning takes place in the virtual classroom and through virtual site visits with a diverse selection of local companies and institutions.

  • A virtual kickoff provides competitively selected participants with a framework to discuss G-Army objectives, requirements, and customer-focused opportunities for their organizations.
  • The program team engages participants in the development of problem and opportunity statements based on individual workplace experiences.
  • Participants are provided with an understanding of key private sector focus areas and drivers of success.
  • Groups are partnered with leaders and specialists in industry to benchmark ERP applications against DoD logistical uses.
  • All team observations, discoveries, analyses, and recommendations are presented to, and discussed with, a panel of military, government, academic, and industry professionals.
  • Individual academic knowledge and benchmarking observations are used for effectively addressing problems and opportunities relevant to organizational applications.


This course is designed for selected high-potential O-4 officers and in logistics.


Jim Brunke, MBA

IDB Senior Faculty

Chris Bingham, MBA/MA, PhD

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

Heidi Schultz, PhD

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

Al Segars, PhD

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

Program Staff:

Mike C. Bogdahn, USMC Depot Deputy Commander (Ret)

Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

Cameshia S. Williams

Program Manager


$11,637 – Total cost of the program. Covers tuition, program materials, and any associated cost.


Professionals and organizations interested in this program should contact IDB’s Customer Advocate, Mike Bogdahn at bogdahn@idb.org or (760) 577-8324 for enrollment information.

What to Expect:


For this 20 day program, live interactive sessions with faculty and other participants will take place from approximately 12:30 PM ET to 5:00 PM ET with few exceptions. To better prepare you, there may be pre-course recordings and reading materials designed to enhance the live session discussions. Expect 4 hours of preparation material a day to prepare for the live sessions and to work on the capstone team project.

Virtual Platforms and Engagement

IDB virtual programs are designed to provide a high-quality executive education experience on par with and developed to replicate the in-residence program content. To achieve that goal, our virtual program content and curriculum are provided via synchronous “live” sessions (where the instructor is online via video-teleconference with the participants and all can communicate real time) and asynchronous recordings and readings content before and after the program. For virtual programs we provide the asynchronous content to our participants a week before the live sessions through our Learning Management Software (Canvas) and program modules. You will be invited to register for your virtual program by our program staff and have unlimited access to the program content before and during the program. You can access Canvas on PCs as well as mobile and tablet devices. So we can go wherever you go!

For the live sessions, we use zoom or zoomgov.com and other video-teleconferencing software to maximize the live (synchronous) environment with our world-class faculty and presenters. Since we tailor the live sessions to be the “prime time” when all are present, robust participation in the asynchronous content is essential to the educational experience. Therefore, please make time to take part in the asynchronous content. We encourage participants to treat the virtual program as their duty location with their employers and expect to fully participate in the program to achieve complete benefits. We recommend preparing for a full audio and video experience to maximize verbal and non-verbal communication essential to professional education. Turning cameras off or joining only by audio tends to weaken the experience for everyone.

You can expect to use a variety of collaboration tools such as Google Jamboard & docs, polling software, breakout rooms and other collaboration tools to enable teaming. Your program staff will demonstrate and explain the tools planned for with supporting videos, tutorials, and live practice sessions throughout the program.