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Utilizing Life Cycle Logistics for Continuous Process Improvement in Business 

Advancements in technology, industry and processes require constant developments in business practices. As a result, continuous process improvements demand that participants invest time in improving methodologies, strategic deployment and management strategies. In order to optimize success, businesses should gain expertise and understanding of life cycle logistics. Life cycle logistics increase knowledge, skills and working strategies necessary to... [Read More]

IDB Best Practices for Technology in Defense Logistics

Emerging technology is transforming the defense enterprise and how organizations develop strategy while simultaneously combating threats. To advance defense logistics, the industry is now depending on technological innovation to predict uncertainty in order to achieve maximum efficiency in execution. When considering going digital in defense endeavors, technology should be completely implemented to foster validity, security,... [Read More]

5 Ways to Maintain Strong Engagement in the Virtual Business Setting 

As a result of COVID-19, businesses are rapidly adapting to the remote working culture. Business leaders have been challenged to overcome the remote barrier and keep up with the demands of their businesses. Being able to connect virtually with coworkers and maintain engagement has proved to be a challenge. Through this transition, employees are learning that work... [Read More]

Global Energy and Security

by: Jonathan Bush Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Navin A. Bapat to have a conversation and ask a few questions pertaining to the global energy market and the underlining security implications for the United States. Dr. Bapat is currently the Dowd Professor of Peace and War in Political Science and the... [Read More]

5 Key Skills for Effective Defense Logistics

Defense logistics is a complex, yet essential components of national security. Due to the dynamic nature of these operations, a highly refined skill set is needed to properly execute success in the defense industry. For Department of Defense (DoD)-related organizations, this coordination involves many moving parts — not only to promote defense, but to maintain... [Read More]

IDB Podcast Series

NDTA/IDB: Post-COVID-19: How to be Lean without Becoming Brittle! 06.25.20 The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted supply chain fragility as organizations have become too lean. How do we change to become more effective, while also being efficient? The “Post-COVID-19: How to be Lean Without Becoming Brittle!” panel is co-hosted by IDB and the National Defense Transportation Association Headquarters (NDTA), moderated by... [Read More]

A Letter to Maggie… Post COVID-19

A fictional piece from our IDB Executive Fellow, Mike Dana, of what the world will look like in 2041: 25 May 2041 Mike Dana Nuevo Tucson, Southwest Territory United States of New America Dear Maggie, I hope this letter finds you safe and well. I haven’t written my favorite granddaughter a letter in years, so... [Read More]

What is Life Cycle Logistics?

Life cycle logistics is the planning, improvement, application and management of the best strategies that cover a system’s entire life cycle. The use of logistics is intended to be applied to all stages of an organization, including the acquisition, sustainment and disposal of various systems. The main objective of life cycle logistics is to ensure... [Read More]