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NDTA/IDB: Post-COVID-19: How to be Lean without Becoming Brittle! 06.25.20 The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted supply chain fragility as organizations have become too lean. How do we change to become more effective, while also being efficient? The “Post-COVID-19: How to be Lean Without Becoming Brittle!” panel is co-hosted by IDB and the National Defense Transportation Association Headquarters (NDTA), moderated by... [Read More]

A Letter to Maggie… Post COVID-19

A fictional piece from our IDB Executive Fellow, Mike Dana, of what the world will look like in 2041: 25 May 2041 Mike Dana Nuevo Tucson, Southwest Territory United States of New America Dear Maggie, I hope this letter finds you safe and well. I haven’t written my favorite granddaughter a letter in years, so... [Read More]