A panel of distinguished military leaders and private sector executives discuss the current COVID-19 pandemic lessons, the extent of disruption in operations and supply chains in both the private sector and military, and how to better prepare for the future.

Will popular supply chain principles, such as lean or just-in-time supply chain management, survive post-pandemic? How will quality and profit margins be impacted with greater pressures on effectiveness versus efficiency, especially for industries such as airlines? Will industry and industry partners pivot from out-sourcing globally to domestic sourcing? Where should organizations spend their time and money? What is the silver bullet that will help prepare organizations for future disruptions (i.e. trust and partnership building pre-crises)?

Many industries and organizations, including government and military, are being turned upside down with the uncertainty of what normalcy will look like when it returns. Since the 1970s, globalization has allowed countries easy access to international markets, creating a robust marketplace for goods to flow freely and allowing for greater competition on the cost of goods and services. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted supply chain fragility as organizations have become too lean while focused on just-in-time processes and operations. How do we change to become more effective, while also being efficient?

The event is co-hosted by the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) and the Institute for Defense and Business (IDB).


  • VADM William “Andy” Brown, USN (Ret), NDTA President
  • MG Jim Hodge, USA (Ret), IDB President

Panelists include:

  • Lt Gen Giovanni Tuck, Director of Logistics, Joint Staff
  • Sridhar Chandrasekaran, Partner at Goldratt Consulting, leader in constraint-based decision-making

The panel took place on Thursday, June 25th at 2:00 PM EST.

An audio recording of the panel can be found here.