COVID-19 Update#3, 12 August 2020

As the pandemic persists, the IDB has continued to adjust, modify and evolve our plans and operations.  With ensuring the safety and well-being of our participants remaining our top priority, and all due consideration for federal, state, local laws and guidance and university policies of our fellow institutions, we are pleased to announce the IDB has resumed program offerings.

We held two programs via web-based learning management systems and video conferencing in July.  The feedback was very positive and we are applying what we learned to make the following programs even better.  We are employing both asynchronous and synchronous instruction, which allows for advance preparation for each class and ensures a highly interactive experience during the live presentations by our world-class instructors.  They are particularly adept at using web-based tools and software to draw all the participants into each session.  We are trying out several web-based platforms to best tailor each program to our participants’ needs.  One example is Zoom for Government,, which has been authorized by FedRAMP and the DoD. (DoD Chief Information Officer memorandum, “Authorized Telework Capabilities and Guidance,” APR 13 2020)

We continue to explore and plan for additional program options to include hybrid and in-residence instruction to ensure we can provide the best possible executive educational experience in this ever-changing environment.

Welcome Back!