IU-IDB Strategic Studies Fellows Program




Developing a Fellowship of Strategic Leaders
Equipped to Address the Complex Issues of Tomorrow

The IU-IDB Strategic Studies Fellows Program (SSFP) is a rigorous three-week educational experience dedicated to the study of the of key political developments in regions of the world that are of critical importance to US foreign and national security interests through the examination of issues related to important functional areas within these regions (i.e. cybersecurity, global public health, climate change, and transnational terrorism). The curriculum is designed to enhance the participants’ leadership and communications skills, while widening the participants’ apertures in how to think strategically from a non-military lens and encapsulates the key issues that are at the center of today’s discussion worldwide. 

The program is designed to increase the knowledge base for U.S. Military Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), federal government personnel, and private sector employees.

The IU-IDB SSFP is administered by the Institute for Defense and Business (IDB) in collaboration with Indiana University's (IU) School of Global and International Studies (SGIS) and the Kelley School of Business. Faculty are also drawn from IU’s SGIS, Maurer School of Law, the Media School, and School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Leading experts and former policymakers at IU include:

  • Former Congressman Lee Hamilton, Director Center of Congress
  • Amb. (Ret.) Feisal Istrabadi, Director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and served as the Iraqi Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in the first post-Saddam Hussein regime
  • Prof, Fred H. Cate, Maurer School of Law, widely recognized as one of the country’s leading authorities in the realm of cybersecurity law
  • Prof. William Thompson, Department of Political Science, served as the President of the International Studies Association and considered to be a first-rank scholar of international politics
  • Prof. David Fidler, Maurer School of Law, an authority on laws governing chemical and biological warfare

2017 SSFP Course Dates

Program Dates: May 14 - June 4, 2017


Untitled.png   "an immersive three-week experience which allows leaders to break from everyday leadership and administrative tasks to focus on complex strategic security issues in a collegiate environment"

Read the full article published in Small Wars Journal, written by a student who attended the 2016 IU-IDB SSFP.




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