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We know what you’re thinking.

“Is this the right time, the right school, and the right degree?” Maybe you love what you’re doing and you’d like to do even more, or maybe you are considering changing jobs. Either way, you know an MBA will help you get there. Like most people, you probably can’t afford to leave work for two years, but you know how much you would benefit from interacting with fellow students and professionals as you complete the degree.

Imagine this:

You decide to join a hybrid distance and in-residence MBA program with two top-twenty business schools that gives you both the flexibility to continue working and the sense of community from a close-knit group of classmates. The MBA’s program team is standing right next to you every step of the way, giving you the support and dedication you need to excel. The experience is tailored just for you, to develop you professionally in the areas of leadership, critical thinking, and communication through practical and immediate application.

If any of that sounds like a good fit for you, then the answer to those earlier questions is a resounding YES.
The LogMBA is the program for you.


 Alumni Feedback


“Since separating from the military almost 5 years ago, this (the end of the first residency) is the first time I have felt like I’ve belonged to something significant – a culture of learning, leadership, and camaraderie.”

  - Tim Puetz, LogMBA Class of 2016

Q&A with IU-UNC LogMBA Class of 2012 student: Lt Col Derek Oliver, USAF



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