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The IDB offers a range of professional development options for leaders as they progress through their careers. Program areas include logistics and technology, life cycle systems and engineering, leadership and organizational transformation, as well as stabilization and economic reconstruction. Program offerings range from one-day forums to week-long certificate programs to degree-granting programs that span 16-24 months with multiple residencies.

  Target Audience Course Format Educational Credits (average) 2016 Program Datesǂ
Advanced Course
- Logisticians charged with implementing executive direction who demonstrate potential for great responsibility
- O-4 to O-6 Military
- GS-13 to GS-15 Government Civilians
- VP/Regional Director level Private Sector
5-day residency 39 CLPs*
3.9 CEUs**

Feb 7-12
Apr 17-22
May 22-27
Jul 17-22
Aug 21-26

Executive Course
- Executive logisticians who set strategic direction and vision for their organizations
- Flag officers
- SES Civilians
- CEO/SVP Corporate Executives
4-day residency 28 CLPs*
2.8 CEUs**
Jun 6-10
Sep 12-16
IU-IDB-MBA logo-Small.jpg
- 5+ years of managerial-leadership experience
- Intense desire to advance to greater levels of responsibility
- 80% online through Indiana University (IU)
- 20% 4 residency modules, including 10-day study abroad in Europe or Asia
MBA and Certificate from IU Class of 2018 begins August 2016

- Program lasts 2 years
- High potential, early-career logisticians
- O-2 to O-4 Military
- GS-11 to GS-13 Government Civilians
- Private Sector personnel with 3-7 years experience or those entering logistics as a second career
5-day residency 34 CLPs*
3.4 CEUs**

Apr 3- 8
Jun 19-24
Aug 14-19

Depot and Arsenal Executive Leadership Program
- Depot, Arsenal and Ammunition Plant Leaders, including: Commanders, Deputy Commanders, Chiefs of Staff, Directors, and Deputy Directors
- Private sector senior managers and directors in manufacturing, repair, and overhaul operations
4 one-week residencies, including benchmarking tour and excluding corporate residency, and online learning modules 200 CLPs*
15 CEUs**
200 PDHs***

2015-2016 Cohort: Beginning Oct 2016

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Life Cycle Executive Leadership Program
- Those tasked with understanding & lowering life cycle costs across the life of an organization
- O-4 to O-6 Military
- GS-13 to GS-15 Government Civilians
- Private Sector equivalents with 10-15 years experience
5-day residency 42 CLPs*
4.2 CEUs**
Mar 6-11
Jul 31-Aug 5
CSER-CSO:  Cooperation in Stability Operations 
- Logisticians who are assigned to post-conflict/post-disaster situations with joint and international actions
- O-4 to O-6 Military
- GS-13 to GS-15 Government Civilians
-Comparable level Private Sector, NGO, and IO participants
5-day residency Not Applicable Mar 13-18
Aug 7-12

UNC-IDB Strategic Studies Fellows Program

- High-potentials who wish to expand their understanding and knowledge of strategic studies
- O-3 to O-4 Military Officers

- W-3 to W-4 Warrant Officers

- E-7 to E-9 Non-Commissioned Officers
- GS-10 to GS-14 Government Civilians
- Comparable level Private Sector personnel

4-week residency 1.5 Graduate Credit Hours Jul 11-Aug 6
Supply Chain Skills for Medical Logisticians in the 21st Century

Healthcare logistics professionals from organizations such as Veterans Heath Administration (VHA), US government agencies, the medical services industry, and the Department of Defense (DoD), including the military services and DoD agencies.

Participants experience level:
- O-4 to O-6 Military
- GS-12 to GS-15 Government Civilians
- Comparable level Private Sector personnel

5-day residency 3.5 CLPs*
35 CEUs**
Apr 24-29
Jul 17-22

Key: *: Continuous Learning Points | **: Continuing Education Units | ***: Professional Development Hours for Engineers (from NCSU) | ǂ Dates are subject to change; please contact us for more info.

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